The Benefactors

At 42, education is free for all students in any of the 30+ campuses around the world.

This is only possible thanks to the support of patrons – corporate and individual – who decide to invest in education, facilitate excellent teaching and create opportunities for anyone who wants to develop their talents and learn – regardless of their origin, resources, and path.

Ms. Ming C. Hsu, Banco Santander, Vanguard Properties and Fidelidade are the four founding partners of 42 Lisboa. The school also counts with the generous support of bi4all, Mercedes-Benz.io, Observador, dstgroup, BA Glass and the Alves Ribeiro Family. Fundação José Neves is the Education Partner of 42 Lisboa.

Each of these donations represents hope and believe in future generations.

Ming C Hsu

The innovativeness and inclusiveness of the 42 learning model is the main reason why I have decided to support 42 Lisboa.

This school develops the digital skills and, most importantly, the human skills that will be paramount in the future: creativity, critical thinking, communication and teamwork.

Also, 42 offers and education alternative to everyone, regardless of their financial resources, academic background or professional experience.

The only way to improve the lives of people is through innovation and, for that, I believe that society needs a more inclusive and disruptive education system.

Pedro Castro e Almeida
CEO | Santander Portugal

Santander has a strong connection to Universities and Higher Education around the world. In Portugal, this is one of the fundamental pillars of our social responsibility.

42 Lisboa has three characteristics that distinguish it from the many other ones that we follow: innovation, inclusion, and being very aligned with the needs of the market.

Innovation, because the teaching method is completely different. In terms of inclusion, because within our social responsibility, we care greatly about the social elevator and this project may be disruptive in that aspect in Portugal and in the world. And 42 is aligned with the market because it can be an accelerator of opportunities for students that only complete the high school diploma or follow degrees that they don’t really want.

The future may be here. There is great demand from companies, including Banco Santander, for people with these skills. I believe the match between us and 42 will be perfect and that it can help the reskilling process of our staff.

José Cardoso Botelho
CEO | Vanguard Properties Portugal

After a brief conversation with Prof. Pedro Santa Clara, in less than thirty minutes, Vanguard Properties decided to hop on the boat – and become co-founder of 42 School | Lisboa.

The two characteristics that catalyzed our interest were: being an organization with a strong economic and social impact plus being exceptionally innovative.

Vanguard Properties has innovation in its DNA and a strong desire to give back to society, supporting initiatives that aim to promote socio-economic development.

In a world that is increasingly digital, it is essential for Portugal to train more programmers of excellence. With an innovative and disruptive educational model, with the rigor that is put into this project and the horizons that are open to the students could not leave us indifferent.

In addition to representing Vanguard Properties’ values of innovation and excellence, the school, founded by Xavier Niel in 2013, has already proven its merit throughout the world.

We believe that companies should contribute positively to the progress and improvement of the quality of life in the community and, therefore, despite our youth, we have been developing a set of social responsibility actions coherent with our vision.

Vanguard Properties is extremely proud to be part of this extraordinary project and wishes everyone the greatest of success.

Rogério Campos Henriques
CEO | Fidelidade

We believe that by supporting projects like 42 Lisboa, we are strengthening our vision of permanently investing in innovation, as well as our strategy to capture and keep new talent, more specialized but also more diverse, that can also bring to the company people with an alternative academic path.

We believe that this diversity plays a relevant role in the digital transformation of Fidelidade, namely in accelerating automation, robotization and digitalization.

Moreover, we can’t hide our interest to be closer to developers, and to position our brand as one of the best employer brands in the tech industry.

Sandra Santos
CEO | BA Glass

For some years, we have been looking for a project like 42 Lisboa, where education is a way of living. We genuinely believe in social and educational inclusion, and we are very excited about being partners in projects that develop skills for the Future.

The industry challenges are much more than the appropriation of technology and tools. It is all about curiosity and willingness to go beyond what we know and have today. And so is this project. A school where the students learn how to learn and solve complex problems in a truly collaborative environment.

Today the spectrum of opportunities is enormous, and curiosity amplifies the possibilities of going beyond all. We feel proud to be part of the seeds launched by the 42 School, reinforcing our commitment to the youngest education.

José Oliveira

We are very excited with the partnership established with the prestigious 42. The world we live in is more and more digital and technological, organizations need to hire profiles specialized in innovative technologies in order to keep on being innovative and competitive.

We fully identify with the values of 42 Lisboa, because beside having a super competent team, it opens doors to free education with a totally innovative, flexible and disruptive learning model. BI4ALL’s team is our most valued asset and our window to the world. We value excellence and bet on recruiting the best talent and on their ongoing learning.

Therefore, it is without a doubt, an honor to embrace this project in which we believe and feel will impact society and its companies by giving an opportunity for new talents to thrive!