42 full curriculum has 21 levels in 4 different stages. The learning experience is project-based and gamified, meaning that you need to develop projects and overcome challenges to earn points to level up. On average students need 3 and a half years to complete the program, but some do it in 2 or 5: each one sets the pace.

The curriculum includes two internships so students can apply what they learn in a professional experience and discover what areas most interest them. After the first internship, students go back to 42 and choose in what areas they want to specialize.

The project based and peer-to-peer method adopted by 42, combined with the mandatory internships, offer students a practical approach, preparing them for their future careers, instigating the development of skills such as teamwork, creativity, problem-solving and resilience.

1 Year

Learn the basics of coding through the development of the first few projects.

4 to 6 Months

Apply the knowledge acquired throughout the first 7 levels in real life scenarios.

1,5 years

Explore and deepen knowledge with specialized projects and with larger teams.

6 Months

Put all knowledge into practice and develop new skills in the professional environment.


The curriculum exposes a set of 17 skills, both soft and hard skills, instigating you to work on their talents – and weaknesses. Upon completion of each project you will earn experience points for these skills, allowing you to build experience towards a specific set of skills by selecting projects that you like.

The freedom of the curriculum gives everyone the opportunity to experience their unique journey towards building up their own skillset. Each student finishing the curriculum is therefore unique in comparison to each other. Plotting these skills on a graph for each student creates a digital print of their journey through the curriculum.