Terms and Conditions


When accessing the website www.42lisboa.com, property of Associação 101010 Portugal (42 Lisboa), you must carefully read the following terms and conditions that govern its use.



 1.1 General Website conditions

By using the Website, you do so as the Use rand fully accept the terms and conditions that govern it (General Conditions). In this sense, the User recognizes that he/she has read the General Conditions, understood and accepted them fully and, for this purpose, bound to them.

1.2 Change

42 Lisboa reserves the right to change, at any moment, these General Conditions and/or the General Conditions of Services (New Conditions). From the moment that the changes are incorporated in the Website, the access and usage of the same by the User implies the full acceptance of the New Conditions.

1.3 Denial

In case the User decides to deny the General Conditions and/or, if it is the case, the New Conditions, he/she cannot access the available content on the Website.



The General Conditions aim to regulate the access and usage of the available content to the Users of the Website. For the purpose of these General Conditions, Website means:

  • The external appearance (look and feel) of the screen interfaces, both static and dynamic (meaning, the navigational tree);
  • The elements that make both the screen interfaces as well as the navigational tree, including literary texts, images sounds, multimedia and artistic projects (including graphs, tables, etc.), accessories, photographs and, in a general sense, all creations, elements and/or objects that are incorporated in the content;
  • The services incorporated and, in general, any accessible content on the Website, its subdomains and/or subdirectories.



 3.1 Availability

Without prejudice to point #6.2 below, the Website will be available 24 (twenty-four) hours a day for everyday of the year. However, the supply of new connections, route changes and maintenance or update operations that, in general, can imply the suspension of access and use of the Website, may cause a temporary interruption for the needed time to complete said tasks.

42 Lisboa may contract and/or subcontract third parties for everything that it deems appropriate for the completion of any necessary activity to maintain, update or improve the Website. These entities can have the right to deactivate the Website and, consequently, suspend its access. 42 Lisboa will make all efforts to notify the User, as possible, of the periods where access to the Website will be interrupted.

3.2 Website Change

42 Lisboa reserves the right to change, at any time and without prior notice, that Website presentation and setup, including its contents.



 4.1 Free Access

The Website’s access and usage is free of charge for Users and does not require previous subscription or registry.

4.2 Website Usage

The User will use the Contents in a diligent, correct and lawful manner. The User commits to not using the Website for any activities against the law, morals or public order.

Besides this, the User agrees on not using the Website for purposes that are illegal, forbidden or harmful to the rights and interests of others, having 42 Lisboa deny any responsibility that may come up.

The User recognizes and accepts that the usage of the Website will be done at his/her own responsibility strictly for personal and private purposes.

The User commits to not damage or disable 42 Lisboa equipment or systems of other Users, as well incorporated and/or stored Content. The User also agrees on not preventing or hampering in any way the use, experience, development or performance of the Website.

The availability of the Website to the User will be, at any time, subject to rigorous compliance of the provisions in the constant terms in the General Conditions and, if it is the case, in the applicable New Conditions, forcing the User to observe indicated usage restrictions.

4.3 Installation and usage of computer programs

For the effects of correct access and implementation of Website Contents, the User may need to download certain software or computer programs to their own devices. This installation will be the responsibility of the User, with 42 Lisboa not taking any responsibility that may come up.

4.4 Revocation, termination, suspension or block

42 Lisboa may, at its own criteria, revoke, suspend and/or block, at any moment and without prior notice, access to Content to the Users that violate any of the terms in the General Conditions.



The User accepts and recognizes that the access and usage of the Website are of their exclusive responsibility. Any risks that may arise from this are supported exclusively and without limits by the User. In this sense, the User recognizes and agrees that he/she is the only responsible for any damage and/or prejudice caused from the download and usage of any elements.



 6.1 Responsibility exemption

Except when the law strictly imposes the contrary and exclusively in the measure in which it is imposed, 42 Lisboa does not guarantee nor assume any responsibility in regard to the usage of the Website or of related elements such as the Contents that the User accesses.

The exemption of responsibility referred in the previous paragraph includes any warranties or responsibilities resulting from its levels of quality, interoperability, functionality and/or adequacy for a specific purpose.

6.2 Interruption, suspension and cancellation

The User agrees that 42 Lisboa does not assume responsibility for any damage caused by the interruption, suspension or cancellation of Website access including any direct, indirect, collateral or accessory damage or prejudice, in case the interruption, suspension or cancellation was justified, or not, by intentional or unintentional negligence.

6.3 Elements unrelated to the Website

42 Lisboa doesn’t previously control nor guarantee the absence of unrelated elements that can produce changes in the User’s equipment or applications or on electronic documents and stored files or transmitted by him/herself. 

42 Lisboa expressly refuses any responsibility regarding the introduction of User equipment or systems of computer programs or unrelated material that are the responsibility of third parties and contain a series of instructions that may cause harmful effects to User’s IT system.

6.4 Hyperlinks to other websites

The Website may include hyperlinks to websites operated by third parties. In these cases, the hyperlinks in question are provided as an additional service to the Users, without representing, in any case, an approval on behalf of 42 Lisboa. The hyperlinks available on the Website are only available for the convenience of the Users, and in no case, are approved or endorsed by 42 Lisboa. In all cases, the Useres are the only responsible for the usage of said hyperlinks and, consequently, 42 Lisboa does not assume any responsibility for the results that may come up.  



 7.1 Property

The User recognizes 42 Lisboa’s entitlement regarding all copyright, related rights, industrial property and other similar rights over the Website. This includes, but not limited to any information, messages, graphs, designs, sound and/or image archives, recordings, computer programs, databases, technology, equipment, know-how, brands, logos and, in general, any material accessible through the Website as well as the Website itself (Property).

The User commits to not remove or modify captions, indications or symbols that 42 Lisboa incorporates in the Property.

7.2 Authorization regimen for the Property

The User recognizes that 42 Lisboa does not give nor transfers any Property rights to the User. 42 Lisboa only authorizes the User to access and use the Property that is indispensable for the Website Usage and according to the terms indicated in this document.

42 Lisboa does not grant the User any license or authorization of access to its Property that is not specifically detailed in the General Conditions. For this effect, 42 Lisboa authorizes the Users to access and navigate on the Website. When 42 Lisboa authorizes it, or the Website’s technological devices allow it, the User may download a single copy of the Website’s own material, whenever for a strictly private and personal use, without resulting in any lucrative or commercial advantage. In any case, the usage authorization recognized in this paragraph will not, in any case, be transferred or given to others. 42 Lisboa reserves any other rights or usage that are not included in this authorization, extending said reservations on penal or civil actions that may be exercised as a consequence to the access and/or usage of the Website.

Except as established in the previous paragraph, the Users are not authorized to reproduce, store, distribute (including by email and Internet), transmit, communicate, modify, change, transform or give the Property or, in any way implement activities involving the commercial use of this Website, be it partial or totally, without specific written consent from 42 Lisboa. The User must abstain from obtaining or trying to obtain any element that is part of the Property using means and procedures that differ, in each situation, with those that were made available to them or were indicated for this purpose on the Website.  

7.3 Establishing hyperlinks with the Website

The Users and, in general, the people that propose to establish a hyperlink between their Web page and the Website (Hyperlink) shall follow the following conditions:

  • The Hyperlink will only allow access to the Website, but may not reproduce, totally or partially, its content;
  • Hyperlinks with Web pages of the Website different to the homepage will not be established;
  • No browser, framework, background or navigation bar will be created on the Web pages of the Website;
  • No false, inaccurate, incorrect or defamatory indications or statements will be issued about the Website, 42 Lisboa or the Property and, in particular, it will not be issued or indicated that 42 Lisboa authorized the Hyperlink or that it supervised or assumed, in any way, the contents made available on the Web page in which the Hyperlink is established;
  • Except the symbols that are part of the Hyperlink itself, the Web page where the connection is established should not have any brand, commercial name, label, name, logo, slogan or other distinctive signs belonging to 42 Lisboa;
  • The Web page where the Hyperlink is established shall not contain any content or information that is illicit, unmoral, against good customs or public order, nor shall it have content against any third-party rights.

The Hyperlink establishment does not imply, in any way, the existence of a relationship between 42 Lisboa and the owner of the Web page where it is found, nor the acceptance and approval on behalf of 42 Lisboa of its contents.



With the goal to adapt and modify the Website, and to develop and deliver new content or services that best respond to its preferences, 42 Lisboa will use technological instruments or mechanisms that allow the storage of information and gathering of statistical data on the Users. The information gathered through said mechanisms will not be associated to any specific User and will comply with the provisions in the Privacy Policy of the Website.



 9.1 Duration

The validity of these General Conditions is of undetermined duration.

9.2 Expiry

42 Lisboa will be able to cease or suspend the existence of this Website by unilateral decision at any given moment and without additional justification besides its own will.

On his/her side, the User can terminate their access and use of this Website at any given moment and without additional justification besides their own will.



The User may not give, transfer or subrogate in favor of others the rights and obligations established in these General Conditions. The User will not, in any case, be allowed to resell or give his/her rights and/or obligation or use the available contents on the Website for commercial purposes.



The General Conditions follow and should be interpreted according to the Portuguese legislation. In the case of the User residing outside of Portugal, both parties agree the competence of the Portuguese courts to settle any disputes that may arise from the interpretation or execution of the General Conditions.




  • 42 Lisboa social networks aim to promote scientific, cultural, and institutional activities as well as the debate of ideas and plurality of opinions.
  • The comments published by the users do not represent 42 Lisboa’s opinions and are not conveyed by it, not constituting scientific, legal, financial, medical, or professional advice of any kind.
  • The content of each comment and the expressed opinions are exclusively the civil and criminal liability of the user.
  • All comments and content published by the users on the 42 Lisboa social networks are public and immediately disclosed, however they will be evaluated by our monitoring team. Thus, we reserve the right to exclude, without prior notice, any content that is not aligned with the Terms and Conditions hereby mentioned, as well as content that contains defamatory nature, threats to others, harassment and/or bullying, hate speech (based on race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, deficiency or any disease), nudity, rumors, pornography, or also any messages with commercial and/or profitable intentions that do not have any relation with the objective of our social networks.
  • 42 Lisboa reserves the right to, at its own criteria and independent of any warning or notification, remove any comments, even if said comment does not violate the established rules in the Terms and Conditions.


#Comments may be deleted if they:

  • Are not related to the subject of the content in which they were published;
  • Use rude or offensive language;
  • Containing advertising content;
  • Offer any type of product for sale;
  • Contain material that is pornographic, persecutory, threatening, racist or discriminatory in relation to race, religion or nationality;
  • Contain information in regard to illegal activities and incentives to crime;
  • Contain affirmations or material that is libelous, insulting or defamatory;
  • Contain political information;
  • Contain pages and archives that are encrypted or password protected;
  • Run programs and files that contain viruses or any other code that puts files at risk;
  • Contain information regarding software piracy;
  • Contain information about activities related to contests, pyramid schemes, chain messages, spam or any periodical or non solicited messages (commercial or not), or abusive;
  • Contain content or material that is protected by copyright, without authorization from the author or their representative;
  • Contain pictures or videos without the consent of the pictured/filmed.